Episode 264: Potpourri of the Fall III

After a brief hiatus the Eastern Lariat returns to catch up on the big japanese promotions and their most recent as well as coming up events. First, STRIGGA & Dylan tackle New Japan’s Destruction in Ryogoku and Royal Quest III as well as their road to Wrestle Kingdom and if the show will be able to draw a bigger crowd than Muto’s retirement. Someone who draws a lot of attention these days is Katushiko Nakajima so the following topics include his final Korakuen match for NOAH as well his appearance on AJPW’s Korakuen show the day thereafter. Amidst all the dicussions about NOAH & All Japan, STRIGGA & Dylan also discuss the sensitive topic of Kinya Okada & Yasutaka Yano’s exit from Pro Wrestling NOAH, the allegations against them and pro-wrestling’s terrible reaction to it. The shows ends with a look at DDT’s Korakuen, a brief preview of their Sumo Hall show and a look at DRAGONGATE’s upcoming show in Osaka.


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