Comedians being offensive

New show on Hulu starring Michael Keaton about opioids; What Raven is watching on Showtime; The Dave Chappelle controversy, Raven thinks he wasn’t punching down on anyone; Comedians being offensive, good or bad; The subtle differences between George Carlin and Andrew Dice Clay; How much would it take for Raven to go to Saudi Arabia for a show? What Feeney’s biggest concern about being in Saudi Arabia revealed; Raven tells the story of going to North Korea; What’s Peter North up to these days? Feeney poll: should he take his father to see Steely Dan live? Rich breaks down the Ben Simmons drama in Philadelphia; Sasha Banks leaving The Mandalorian? Rich doesn’t understand why people are anti Covid vaccine; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.
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