Bobby Heenan Remembered

Abdullah’s butchery discussed; the art form of screwdriver as foreign object*; a rabbit hole of fantasy booking, old wrestling stories & some seriously flawed new gimmicks are dove down via Busby’s wrestler game. It’s the first day of Autumn & apparently she loves the Rhino?! Quote of the Day gets political; Skype did not do its semi-regular show interrupting attack on Busby, which is curious because he did behave his usual dickishly; R&B (Raven & Busby) are perplexed as to who anonymously snail-mail sent Raven a monogamy / abstinence book; Raven still recommends not watching Swedish Dicks & Busby’s xenophobia continues as this week it’s darts players. And, of course, all the usual perversions. *screwdriver – which screws in screws as weapon, not to be confused with the drink “screwdriver” consisting of orange juice and vodka which would not be effective in the ring…although if you threw it in someone’s eyes it would burn. Huh. Guess either kind of screwdriver will work as a foreign object. The Raven Effect Podcast will be LIVE in Los Angeles on October 5th at the Hollywood Improv Lab. Tickets are $15. Go to for tickets! Send in your comments and questions to

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