Are the VIP shows available on the RSS feed or via iTunes?
Unfortunately they are not. Libsyn, our podcast hosting service is in charge of content delivery. We hope one day VIP podcasts are available for Downcaster and other apps but until then, you can use the the free MLW Radio app to stream and download both VIP and free shows. 

Do you accept paypal for VIP subscriptions?
Yes! You can subscribe via PayPal here.

I’m interested in advertising on the podcasts.
Interested in getting the word out to a fiercely loyal audience that averages thousands of streams/downloads per week? If so, MLW Radio is the perfect strategic ad partner to get the most exposure for your client or your product. For advertising and business development, please email: sales@mlw.com

Does VIP automatically renew?
Yes. You can disable this feature on your account page.

Are you on Stitcher?
Yes!  We were gone for a few years but we’re back now.

How do I send in a question to the guys?

What does “MLW” stand for?
Major League Wrestling.

Where can I watch MLW matches or buy MLW DVDs?
We’re slowly digitizing the entire MLW library and plan to give fans access to the whole thing for FREE. We hope to finish this project by the end of the century. In the meantime, you can watch some stuff on our official YouTube Channel.

What’s the MLW Radio RSS feed?

Are the free shows available on iTunes?
They sure are! Subscribe for free via iTunes. Here’s a full list.

Are the MLW VIP podcasts available on iTunes?
No. You can access the on MLWRadio.com, MLWVIP.com and our free app for smart phones and tablets.

Do you guys do live call-in shows?

Are the archives still be available to MLW VIP subscribers?
Yes, our November 2011 to August 1, 2016 library of podcasts will be exclusively available to MLW VIP subscribers.  After August 1st, all future free podcasts will stay free forever.  MLW VIP subscribers will still be able to get exclusive MLW VIP podcasts through their subscription and those will forever remain as VIP exclusive.​

Will previous episodes of the free shows be added to their feeds in the future?
Only shows posted August 1, 2016 on will be available on their individual feeds.  All prior shows will remain in the MLW VIP archives. 

What happens to older premium episodes of MSL & Sullivan and other shows that are behind the pay wall?  Will they still be on the app?
Yes. Older shows will remain in the archives and be accessible only via an MLW VIP subscription. Shows posted August 1, 2016 on will be available for FREE forever.

Do you have an app? 
Yes and it’s free! Download our free MLW Radio app for all smart phones and tablets and access  ALL of our VIP podcasts if you’re a premium member.

What happened to the Talk’n Shop podcast?
It is currently on hiatus due to Sex Ferguson having a warrant for his arrest 3 counties in the state of Georgia. Perhaps some day the good brothers will return to the airwaves. 

Are older Jim Cornette Experiences and Drive-Thru podcasts available on MLW VIP?

MLW announced on Monday June 26th, 2017 that Jim Cornette podcasts will no longer be available on the MLW VIP Libsyn platform.  We apologize for the bad news but thank you for your interest in Jim’s shows and MLW VIP.

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