Not a PC show, not a Mac show either …

Feeney hangs Raven out to dry for way longer than promised; Rich is still without his car and is trying to watch his language because there’s a kid around; The origin of the term Bluetooth; Three things you should never say after sex; Who’s the most famous Mac? Feeney is no longer pro-America, and is now pro-Ireland, despite not knowing Irish history; The show swerves to an educational angle by looking into the difference between cocaine and crack; Why would anyone marry a dishonest woman? Sandman and The Wizard of Oz; Raven asks the questions people want answers to regarding Disney characters; The origin of the phrase sticky wicket and other Cricket facts; Feeney gives us a Dexter the cat update: Phrases that don’t mean what you think it means; The best and worst TV show spinoffs; Girl on girl porn viewing habits vs. guy on guy porn viewing habits, and of course, all the usual perversions.

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