Jump starting while wearing backwards underwear

WTF is a Jaguar? The truth about Volvos; The good, bad and ugly of some actors’ performances in movies; Feeney hates on Keanu Reeves; RIP Matthew Perry; How shitty kids are today; Raven summarizes the war between the Israelis and Hamas; How the Rocky movies would have played out if the Internet were around; Rich talks about the reason why Fox didn’t renew their TV deal with WWE for Smack Down; Things we’d want Alexa to say; Feeney receives a strange letter in the mail, odd that he was the only one; How Biden Vs. Trump should go down; Feeney brings a new list, the places you’re not allowed to take a first date; Is Charlie Brown now problematic? Rich teaches Raven and Feeney about the V-22 Osprey, admits to being a train and plane nerd; Raven explains the term “jump start”; Rich asks for dinner suggestions, and of course, all the usual perversions.

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