We’re Number 81!

Can you still say bully if you’re British; Rich is having connectivity issues and being problematic; Raven has Feeney conduct research to learn about the partition between India and Pakistan and receives a history lesson; Cracking the code as to why the middle east is all messed up; James Van Der Beek can save the world; How the cast of Dawson’s Creek surpassed all expectations; Feeney got screwed this week and makes a vow to watch all of 12 Monkeys; Who really killed Batman’s parents? Was it Cactus Jack? Which was a better series of movies, 48 Hours or Beverly Hills Cop? Latest world rankings for the show; How far can people see on a clear day? What Sarah Palin has been doing since failing to win in 2008; Rich is in the middle of moving; How the word country was decided upon; Where Raven would take a live show booking; Rich decides he can no longer drink; Canada is starting to regulate podcasts, what does that mean for the show with their loyal Canadian listeners? A listener sees Feeney in a store and was less than impressed; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.

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