Episode 262: STARDOM 5 Star Grand Prix Final 2023 (w/Sondre Bjørn)

The Eastern Lariat tackles the Final of the 5 Star Grand Prix from STARDOM. And boy do we go in depth on this tournament. We go through the final night, breaking down every single participant’s tournaments, the blunders that haunted this tournament in terms of scheduling, a disappointing ending after a really strong match, a defense of Suzu Suzuki and average ratings for the tournament rounded up on average courtesy of the inmates of Cagematch.net and we found out what the people think, as well as where they’re going as a company heading into the big year end show, with the winners of our own awards. Finally…we get GLEAT into STARDOM as we head towards Halloween and try to figure out what the heck is going on around here. “Where is my STARDOM!?”

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