Eastern Lariat Special: Pro Wrestling NOAH N1 Victory 2023 Preview & Predictions (w/Dr. Jonathan Foye + Dean)

Dylan engages in a full preview of Pro Wrestling NOAH’s N1 Victory tournament with predictions for every single match up to the final, and he’s joined by Dean and Dr. Jonathan Foye who also give their predictions and as it turned all 3 had different winners of the tournament! It’s long, but we talk about everyone and go over a ton of scenarios, and somehow come out with everything being alright by the end.


Look forward to more coverage on the Patreon where EVERY SINGLE MATCH will be covered with both Dean and Jonathan factoring in along with others! And of course keep your eyes peeled to watch the N1 itself on Wrestle Universe where you will see who if any looks like genius and/or idiots.


Get coverage of the N1, same day reviews of the G1, same day reviews of STARDOM’s 5 Star Grand Prix, an archive featuring thousands of hours of historical audio, all for only $5 a month. Also reviews of major Manami Toyota matches in her career for free! All on patreon.com/easternlariat


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