The great food debate

The little known truth of Shakespeare; Feeney says white people peak at 40; Feeney tries to get a rub off of the Jan. 6 riots; Why haven’t fireworks shows evolved? How long has Feeney and Rich done the show with Raven? Raven Effect world rankings; We get a geographical lesson about Connecticut; Former favorite foods, and what is Salisbury Steak? Feeney is thinking about writing something, audience members are highly encouraged to send him suggestions on Twitter; Mute points vs. moot points and other commonly mispronounced words and clichés; Who would never go to a Ted Nugent concert? The interesting career trajectories of Denis Leary and Andrew Dice Clay; Every wrestler is starting a podcast and a brief history of the origin of the Raven Effect podcast; Godzilla gets the heat and King Kong gets nothing; Best movie monsters; Mark Zuckerberg jiu-jitsu tournament controversy; Latest update on Raven’s UFC betting; Blowjob who’d you rather and of course, all the usual perversions.

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