There’s no candy breaks in Baseball

Why do people itch? Feeney and Rich go hard on the politics stuff; Raven knows everything about music and he proves it; How many people can get over with a lisp? Aliens are real and Feeney demands to know what those balloon things are that were shot out of the sky; Stories from Raven’s days working as a bouncer; Raven reveals the genetic test results for Executive Producer Loki. the only thing she tested positive for was Pink Eye from Feeney; ET was a creepy looking bastard, and Raven provides the best description ever; Feeney has a cat fight going on in the background, and you can insert your own pussy joke here; Cocaine Bear opens in theaters and the Percocet shitting duck book/screenplay gets revisited; Raven’s UFC bets; Raven and Feeney do their best impersonations of things and people you may or may not have heard of; The dark and twisted story of the game Monopoly; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.
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