Weirdo Bets

It’s a big weekend with lots of things happening; Raven’s main complaint about air travel; Rich is looking for someone to go drug shopping for him in Mexico; Why Feeney wears his crappy glasses; Feeney has become funnier and better thanks to Raven; Sean Ross Sapp and Disco are fighting online; The greatness of Nicolas Cage; Rich shares the tale of “Fear of a Black Hat” and other great black films; Raven Karaoke coming to the 2024 Jericho Cruise; UFC 284 preview and betting strategies; Raven has the best marketing idea for the show; The difference between Nickelback and Nickel Creek; Are there any real fans of Gigi Allin? Ridiculous song titles; Rich’s pretentious taste in music; Adventures on ecstacy; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.
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