Nothing wrong with a little butt-hurt

How computers are writing acceptable pop songs; Creative ways to keep the Raven and Dreamer feud going forever; Would Rich work for a Saudi-owned WWE? Why Raven doesn’t commit to watching wrestling; What’s been going on with XPW and Rob Black; Incel culture, what is it and why is it a thing? What’s missing from Rap music these days and how other music genres have changed over the years; RIP Jay Briscoe; The difference between an LLC and TLC; Jon Jones is returning to the UFC; Rich has a strong opinion on Power Slap, which TBS is okay with, but not a Jay Briscoe tribute show from AEW; Andrew Tate in custody in Romania over allegations of rape and human trafficking; Christina Applegate is a tremendous actress and went to an Ivy League college; Raven has a hot take on John Wayne Gacy; The definitive murder guide provided by the Raven Effect Podcast; New laws Raven wants passed, and of course, all the usual perversions.

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