Eastern Lariat Special: 1 More Round – Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame Non-Wrestler/Historical/US/Japan Candidates (with Emerald FlowShow’s Gerard di Trolio)


Dylan is back with part 2 of the Wrestling Observer newsletter Hall of Fame coverage with another voter! This time it’s Gerard di Trolio from the Emerald Flowshow hops on to talk about the Non-Wrestler category which features Japanese promoters Sanshiro Takagi & Rossy Ogawa, legendary Japanese referee in JWA & AJPW and later NOAH’s On-Air GHC Title Commissioner Joe Higuchi, AJPW’s Triple Crown foreign liaison and chairman of the Pacific Wrestling Federation Lord James Blears, and the man who helped get Rikidozan into wrestling, Bobby Bruns, along with all the non-Japanese candidates which include commentators, promoters, legendary writers, managers, belt makers and music men:

Lord James Blears Dave Brown Bobby Bruns Bob Caudle Bobby Davis Joe Higuchi Jim Johnston Larry Matysik James Melby Rossy Ogawa Reggie Parks Morris Sigel Tony Schiavone George Scott Sanshiro Takagi Mike Tenay Ted Turner Roy Welch Stanley Weston The Grand Wizard

We also go over the historical candidates in the North American region and finally circle back around to the Japanese region for another Round of Dylan trying to get a voter to vote for Yoshiaki Fujiwara and just Gerard’s thought on this year’s cast of characters, which ends with Gerard giving us his ballot, which differs a bit from Case Lowe, our last guest.

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