Episode 226: Keiro no Hi Preview

Next weekend is loaded with shows in Japan, because September 19 brings another public holiday with Keiro no Hi (Respect for the Aged Day) so STRIGGA & Dylan got together to discuss Jun Akiyama’s 30th anniversary, All Japan’s business ideas going into their 50th anniversary show in Nippon Budokan as well as the card itself and possible outcomes for the future. Who’s leaving with the Triple Crown? Who’s challenging one day later in Korakuen? Will Chris Daniels be there? While AJPW is full of questions, DRAGONGATE delivers some answers with the pushes of Mochizuki Jr., Ishin Iihashi and D’courage so their upcoming Dangerous Gate gets a preview as well. Other topics are Keiji Muto’s retirement show in Tokyo Dome plus an update on Stardom’s 5 Star Grand Prix!

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