The undisputed greatness of Eric Clapton

Rich tries to catch heel heat by having a cheap musical opinion; Who has the biggest penises and makes the best lovers? The wrestler formerly known as Velveteen Dream has new allegations made against him; Raven shares a story about a car crashing through a strip club; Feeney’s being tracked by his wife after a blackout night that ended with a TV being smashed; How much Feeney really spent on the TV he smashed; Who’s the biggest jobber? The terribly clever name of Ambetter insurance; Feeney gets suspended from Facebook for quoting The SImpsons; Why does AEW All Out have 12 matches? Is it too much? Michael Cole finally getting some respect; Freddie Prinze Jr. looking to hire Bray Wyatt for his new upstart promotion, and of course, all the usual perversions.

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