Ric Flair’s last match … or is it

Raven starts off with a wrestling topic, is that allowed? Rich has the Covid and misses Starrcast; Who sleeps more, Raven or Rich? Raven set to have his other knee replaced; Jenna Jameson able to walk after “mystery illness”; People who are smart despite having a reputation for being dumb; Raven’s betting week gets blown out of the water; Chimps are dirty fighters; Raven shocked to learn Vince McMahon retires, does he come back? Best way to store condiments and other mysteries of food; Feeney goes missing mid-show under suspicious circumstances; Greatest delivery mistake in history; Things you can’t get away with saying to women anymore; Great sexual adventures; Rich is made for the woke era; Jerky Boys and other movies based on pop cultural phenomenon, and of course, all the usual perversions.

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