Do you get Turkish Taffy in a Turkish prison?

Raven discovers an interesting side-effect from his recent knee replacement surgery; Craziest post-op experiences; Raven shares updates on his recovery and adventures in physical therapy; Feeney breaks the show’s format and recommends “Super Pumped” on Showtime; Rich is slowly overcoming his fear of being outdoors; Feeney says it’s time for a colonoscopy, Rich immediately suggests he use Cologuard instead; Adventures of mailing poop to see if you have cancer; Who should play Raven in a movie, Kristen Stewart or Jake Gyllenhaal? Reese Witherspoon’s movie nudity; Raven wins some money during the latest round of betting; RIP Gilbert Gottfried; Rich pitches an idea for the next time Raven does stand up; Latest chart rankings; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.

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