Working with Billy Corgan and NWA

It’s the middle of December, which can only mean one thing; We’re not sure what that is; The Amazon wish list competition between Rich and Feeney gets some real heat on Twitter; Favorite Christmas movies; What’s the point of the Little Drummer Boy? The Mandela Effect in movies and other popular culture; Would Rich date Whoopi Goldberg? Rich kills the audience with this week’s Simpson’s reference; Feeney floats having more Raven Effect episodes a week; Raven talks about working with Billy Corgan’s wrestling talent, and Rich immediately starts contemplating offing someone for a job; Why do we praise our animals for taking a dump? People wouldn’t have so many insecurities if they were praised like animals; What to get Raven for the holidays; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.
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