Phil Collins and Ultimate Warrior walk into a music video shoot

It’s a very special episode, like an after school special type episode; Rich blows the Simpson’s reference opportunity he’s given; Music on the radio in the ’70s; Rich discovers a tweet, or a twat that’s trying to stir the pot and Rich has a strong response; Genesis is back on tour, minus Peter Gabriel of course; Why Phil Collins is the most hated man; Remembering the time Ultimate Warrior and Phil Collins did a music video together; Raven talks about some of his earliest matches; Raven, Rich and Feeney answer the biggest question in human history; Rich’s life-long dream is revealed; Feeney tried to trigger Rich by wearing a Let’s Go Brandon shirt, sadly it devolves into a political hot take segment; Raven finds the great political common ground, politicians suck; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.

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