Where are the Jewish fans?

Is it too soon to make jokes about Alec Baldwin’s deadly gun accident? Rich got some Twitter heat about his Chappelle comedy special comments and is now taking a different stance on the matter; Is the Tomahawk Chop racist? Speaking of sports, Rich is rooting for the Houston Astros in the World Series; The craziness of January 6th being shown in a new documentary by Tucker Carlson; Parodies vs. Pair ‘o D’s; What’s happening with Ring of Honor Wrestling; Busted Open Radio brings Tommy Dreamer back post Flair drama and people are not happy; Rich’s hotel pranks; Is sleeping while concussed a good idea? Latest Raven Effect chart rankings, we’re number 23 in Israel and 2nd in Armenia; Update on the Amazon wish list contest between Feeney and Rich; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.

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