The Raven Effect … NPR Style

Raven practices his best NPR delivery; What does NPR even stand for? Feeney is the great white Mope; A deep dive into Jedi mind tricks; What is the shelf life of Peeps? A look at various Easter treats, including the Irish Potato; AEW’s arcade anarchy match; Who you can and cannot make fun of, racism is stupid; Rich tries to get over by putting Jericho over; RIP Blade Braxton of; A problematic movie on Netflix featuring Michael Douglas; Celebrity cameos and commercials, how they were once considered selling out during the time of mopeds; Raven tosses Rich a musical softball and RIch botches it; The multiple hits of Blind Melon and Spin Doctors; Hormones and sex change operations; DIrty jobs that pay well; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.    Follow the guys on Twitter! Raven – @theRavenEffect Rich – @RichBocchini Feeney – @jffeeney3rd Catch MLW on Pluto TV and FuboTv on Wednesdays   Have Raven say things that you want him to say, either for yourself or for someone you want to talk big-game shit to by going to     If you want all the uncensored goodness AND watch The Raven Effect, sign up for Patreon by going to  

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