Besmirching, for fun and profit…

It’s a beauty and a dandy, plagued with Internet problems; Rich besmirches everyone and says he’s proven correct; Raven reads a special fan letter; Cat cafes are popping up all over the country, what they share with strip clubs; Origins of the word pussy; Intro to gender pronouns and sexual identities; Konnan out of the hospital after a battle with Covid-19; The various eras in wrestling and pet peeves of certain moves; The problem with rating wrestling matches; John Cena joins the Fast and Furious franchise; Things to do in Texas when the power is out; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.      Get yourself the best Wooden Jigsaw puzzles at – Shop now and Save 10% using the promo code DRAGONEFFECT   Follow the guys on Twitter! Raven – @theRavenEffect Rich – @RichBocchini Feeney – @jffeeney3rd Catch MLW on Pluto TV and FuboTv on Wednesdays   Have Raven say things that you want him to say, either for yourself or for someone you want to talk big-game shit to by going to   If you want all the uncensored goodness AND watch The Raven Effect, sign up for Patreon by going to     Ask Danna on ebay is selling a bunch of Raven’s old comics and other goods, go buy Raven’s stuff. Check out the store at

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