Proper condom etiquette

New and exciting stand-up material from Raven; Does the audience know who Katharine Hepburn is? Nostalgic TV networks and technology; How being funny adds or detracts from a heel or face persona; Kristy Swanson shaped Feeney’s tastes in women; Shocking interspecies erotica tale; German porn vs. Swedish porn; Henry Rollins ruins TV shows and movies; Married With Children’s Christina Applegate is responsible for many guys starting puberty back in the day; How being typecast can hurt you in the business; How Raven decided which college to go to; Mandy Patinkin is the living Pretentious Chronicles, only good role was in The Princess Bride; Why is it called the Novel Coronavirus?  Proper condom etiquette; Feeney screws up more words and gets mocked for it; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions. 

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