We’re Number 8 in Qatar!

It’s another dandy, an El Dandy you might say; A bigfoot match in MMA leads to a guy being basically murdered; Raven Effect Podcast is number 8 in Qatar; People who suffer from gigantism; A listener wants to put the show on his racecar, but is he any good? Rich is the official heel of the show; Raven is creating a video game based on Call of Duty; New word for the dictionary, Taint Burn; Mr. Bean is a pretentious twat; The greatness of Super Dave; Night Court being remade; The 23 best / worst winners of the Bad Sex in Fiction awards; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.  

  Follow the guys on Twitter! Raven: @theRavenEffect Rich: @RichBocchini Feeney: @jffeeney3rd   Catch MLW on Pluto TV and FuboTv on Wednesdays      If you want all the uncensored goodness AND watch The Raven Effect, sign up for Patreon by going to www.patreon.com/TheRavenEffect   Have Raven say things that you want him to say, either for yourself or for someone you want to talk big-game shit to by going to  www.cameo.com/ravenprime1

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