More nudity needed in podcasts…

It’s gonna be a crappy one folks, which means it won’t be too bad; More nudity needed in podcasts; Rich and Feeney combine to get the earliest Simpsons reference in the show ever; TV is much better now with DVR, who wants to watch TV without being able to fast-forward through ads; Raven reviews Disney+; Somehow Rich doesn’t know who the Silver Surfer is; Raven knows all things sports pre-1976, then he moved to Florida; Rich questions the concern of everyone about his sex life; Where the term bated breath comes from, which Feeney is a master of; Who came up with the marketing of Jesus? Raven’s problem with Shakespeare; Feeney is wanting to start a new segment where women send nudes into the show and get rated by the guys; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.

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