Getting the right kind of heat vs. change the channel heat

The over/under on Rich saying something political; Is it wrong to wear a band shirt to a show? Three rules for wearing a band shirt at a concert; The rules for wearing one’s own personal shirts; Rich threatens to make good on putting a poll up on his twitter; More excellent reasons to subscribe to Patreon; Feeney’s cat is desperate to be a part of the show; More problematic words; Feeney tries to get Rich to flame his career and write a tell-all book; Feeney gets vindicated on Twitter regarding his pronunciation of  dystopian; Rich wants to change his hair style and it triggers an intense discussion on hair styles through the decades; Is this a political show or an a-political show? The perks of being in Mensa; MLW is returning to action; RIP Road Warrior Animal and “Bullet” Bob Armstrong; Wrestlers that fail in WWE being pushed to the moon with other companies; The pet peeves Raven has about wrestling; Feeney slides some UFC talk into the show this week, how Rich feels about Colby Covington and of course, all the usual perversions.   

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