135: The “False Finish” Presents “PCO”

This week on the “False Finish” Freland and Mikey welcome in wrestling legend “PCO”! Don’t miss Part 1 of this multi-episode where PCO sits down and talks about all aspects of his wrestling career. In Part 1 He discusses: 

  • How the PCO Character came about
  • His Match with Walter
  • Mikey & PCO discuss “The Invisible Man”
  • PCO discusses his matches with Bret Hart
  • The Re-Match on RAW the following night
  • Winning the WWF Tag Team Titles from the Steiner Brothers
  • His Relationship with Vince McMahon
  • Traveling with Triple H
  • The Kliq
  • Finding Fame at an early age
  • Kenny Johnson PCO Documentary
  • Being the FRENCH commentator for TNA

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