Another absurd show for ur listening pleasure!

You know what to expect from Raven and the Eenie Meanie crew; Rich espouses on the greatness of The Sundays; How the writers of Mad Men tricked the entire audience and gives Rich an idea for the Raven Effect reprobates; Name the band – real or fake; Alleged video of Raven back in his Scotty the Body days from Portland finds new life on Twitter; WWE dubs over ECW music themes, Raven wants it to be like Kung-Fu movies; The MeToo movement hits the wrestling world; New perks coming to Patreon, so sign up you cheap bastards; Raven struggles with watching wrestling, wants to be brought to completion and there’s not enough time for that to happen; Rich would pay to see Scooby Doo do a bong rip; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.    

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