Raven has lost faith in the Internet

Social media is pointless; Raven sees the masses prefer poorly crafted posts over the clever creativity he offers; Bastista is building up an impressive list of Hollywood credits, despite not getting the same attention as the Rock; Feeney and Rich engage in dereliction of duty during the show; The varying attention span and watching habits of the three hosts; Pulp Fiction and butt rape, Ving Rhames getting butt raped; Raven tries to talk Hobbs and Shaw, but he’s the only one that has seen it; America’s Got Talent works a lot like wrestling, jobbers and all; Podcasters ask Raven to be on their show and they’re selling merchandise without licensing rights; Feeney nearly catches heat online, but Rich saves him from a Twitter virtual beating; This is a time to be passionate about what’s going on, stand up and be vocal; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.

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