Rapid Delivery

What happens when a 20 year journey from MTV True Life comes to a screeching halt 8 years in??? Find out as “Famous Hoot” Karl Anderson’s longtime pal “Rapid Delivery” Rory Fox shows up in a booze fueled, unscripted RAGE!!! He explains the story of Zack Ryder pantsing him on National Television at an ECW/Smackdown Taping Big LG was working on….Rocky looks on in unbridled amazement as Rory spews fire on the subject of his hatred for the figure loving Major Brother! You have to hear this tale to believe it & oooooof course in true Hoot fashion the boys egg him on the whole way! This one is a zinger so….Crack a beer, take off your pants, & listen to the #worstpodcastever Talk N’ Shop!!!

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