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The most stead-slow show on the Internet; Working through the dictionary to find the most apt description of the show; Rich is wasting energy waving, as most people can’t see him unless they subscribe to the Patreon; A deep dive into the latest installment of Dark Side of the Ring featuring the story of Owen Hart; Dangerous and terrifying stunts in wrestling; RIP Shad Gaspard, he died a hero; The three types of people in the world; Trying to do the math on Coronavirus; How states are reopening, and how people are responding; Is this the time for Rich to get on a dating app?  Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions. 

Show support for Shad Gaspard’s family by buying a shirt from

Collar X Elbow is a t-shirt brand launched by longtime WWE wrestler Al Snow, released a Shad Gaspard shirt following the former wrestler’s tragic passing. All proceeds from the shirt, the website states, will “go directly to Shad’s family.”

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