What does a snake look like on the inside?

Drunken escapades and Punk Rock; Biggest disappointments of Coronavirus – Feeney’s concert going schedule is shot, the government is screwing everything up; Raven hasn’t seen his $1,200 yet; Some UFC talk returns to the Raven Effect;   Rich has a pussy problem; Pandas are having more sex and getting pregnant since nobody is watching them at the zoos; All indoor cats are just mini tigers, minus the stripes; The greatness of Caddyshack and the epic failure of Caddyshack 2;  Feeney finally cusses all because the Terminator movie franchise pisses him off; WWE without fans vs. UFC without fans; Update on Scott Steiner; The DX Theme is a clear ripoff of the Peanuts theme; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions.  

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