Callback to Sandman’s pomegranate balls

Talking about dicks, sizes, shapes and lengths; What three female wrestlers would you be stuck on a deserted island with? Raven’s missed opportunity to bodyguard Heather Locklear; The ideal female body type, hips vs. no hips; Ridiculous fraternity stories; The horror of having a micro-penis; The things people get triggered over;  With so many podcasts out there, most of them terrible, wrestlers charging to be on podcasts; What’s a good interview? What makes a good interviewer; Podcast interview tips; Raven builds Feeney up, at least halfway; Where’s Rich? Coronavirus got him; Vocal people don’t like Rich; Top 15 most messed up wrestlers you never heard of; What’s the attraction to being a pedophile? Ways to screw people up; No way of winning the old “wrestling is fake” argument; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions. 

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