Stossel: Wrestling is fake. Dr D: Pick a hand

Oh My Hootness! Did the booooooys bite off more than they could chew? Their pants are off, the beer is cracked but Dr. D David Shultz is a BAD Son ooooooof a Bitch! He covers everything from early Randy Savage and Bruiser Brody to his territory roots, working for Junior, Japan,and MORE!!! The shockers aren’t the obvious, but the hard man behind them who had no issue saying “NO” or standing up for his values and beliefs. One of the last hardened rebels of the wrestling business, David Shultz was pushed out, but he didn’t lay down. Dr D became one of the toughest bounty hunters in the world sending over 4,000 fugitives to jail. Buckle up, because this is a wild ass ride! Hoot me softly.


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