R.I.P. Fink!

Seth Rogan has an annoying laugh; The world ending is creating new ways of doing business; Why doesn’t Donald Duck wear pants and Daffy not wear clothes? Lowered expectations of films lead to less letdown and more enjoyment of a bad movie; Punchlines with no jokes; Insights into dreams that the guys have, along with their issues sleeping; Other careers Rich considered; WWE lets a lot of people go, XFL files for bankruptcy; Howard Finkel passes away, never got the love he deserved; NASCAR driver loses job for dropping the N-Word during virtual race;  theRavenEffect Podcast is not just audio, but we are going, A/V…  uh, that means audio and visual… but only for Patreon; Fanmail, and of course, all the usual perversions. Have Raven say things that you want him to say, either for yourself or for someone you want to talk big-game shit to by going to  www.cameo.com/ravenprime1 Support our sponsor Bespoke Post, it’s an affordable subscription service and it’s got awesome stuff for guys.  Go to www.boxofawesome.com promo code Raven20 for 20% off your first box.

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