Puroresu March Madness Bracketology Special (w/Special Guest Joe Lanza from Voices of Wrestling)

The main event of Puroresu March Madness! Dylan’s covering the Heavyweights and this time he’s joined by “The King of Banter” himself! Joe Lanza from Voices of Wrestling! We go through our entire brackets and face off for the first time ever over multiple competitors and try to figure out classic Cinderella stories in College Basketball such as George Mason, Loyola, and Florida Gulf Coast (sorry about Georgetown) and what seeds they were. We go through differences and similarities, who will be the first ever Eastern Lariat Puroresu Madness Champion!

Check out Dylan @DylanZeroSky & Joe @voiceswrestling and let us know what you thought, as well as check out our Patreons and support us both, both worth subscribing to at $1-$5 options apiece: patreon.com/easternlariat + patreon.com/voicesofwrestling + Check out all the other great podcasts on the Voices of Wrestling Podcast Network such as Everything Elite, Open the Voice Gate, Wrestlenomics, Wednesday War Games, Super J-Cast, Shake Them Ropes, Music of the Mat, and more fun and shenanigans.

Special thanks to Joe Lanza for coming on the show!

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