Pure Heart, Pure Lariat Presents: Joshi March Madness Bracketology Special (w/The Joshi Pod’s Eric Howard)

Joshi March Madness! Dylan’s back with Eric from The Joshi Pod who graciously took the time before his trip to Japan to reclaim his spot as the Pure Heart specialist, breaking down the full Bracket for the Joshi March Madness. We go through the whole bracket and give our picks throughout. Thank you all who listen and support the show and continue to support it through patreon.com/easternlariat and make sure to check back @EasternLariat on Twitter to vote and make your voices heard! And also support The Joshi Pod and listen to great interviews with people throughout the Joshi scene like his latest episode with Kris Wolf, and in the future with his scheduled guests Akane Fujita and Bull Nakano! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-joshi-pod/id1486086093

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