22: Over Booked Chapter 7 “Extreme Defection”

Chapter 7 “Extreme Defection” In Chapter 7 we will be reviewing: Tension between Heyman and Gordon, Shane leaving for WWF, Dean Douglas Character, ECW being the training grounds for future WWF and WCW Stars, Checks Bouncing and much much more!! Grab #FRMpod shirts and other merch today from: www.FRMpod.com Exclusive content available at Patreon: patreon.com/Frmpod Give your member the rigidity of rigor mortis and RAISE THE DEAD at www.BlueChew.com and use prormo code ECW to get your first order FREE, just pay $5 shipping! Have a question for Jerry or Mikey? Just follow us on Twitter, @FRMpodcast and use #AskFRM!

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