Lance Storm (Guest) – FRMpod CLASSIC

ORIGINALLY POSTED: DEC. 12 2018 If we could be serious for a minute… our first guest is on this episode: LANCE STORM! The boys share stories about cane shots to the back of the head, Sabu tricking the marks in the audience and Jerry going off on Sabu’s chair shots, a three-way set-up between Lance, Jerry and Mikey before Mikey’s paid vacation to WCW, working other federations, and so much more… including some head! Join in on the fun as Jerry and Mikey take us through their time in ECW, WCW, WWF, and now AEW. Stories covering their wrestling careers, time on the road, hotel rooms, partying, friendships, relationships, marriage, children, pets, real jobs, cookies, keto diet, and more! Grab #FRMpod shirts and other merch today from:  Give your member the rigidity of rigor mortis and RAISE THE DEAD at and use prormo code ECW to get your first order FREE, just pay $5 shipping! Have a question for Jerry or Mikey? Just follow us on Twitter, @FRMpod and use #AskFRM!

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