10 Deadliest Animals… ooh scary!

Actually, it’s really the 30 Deadliest Animals,  but you only get to hear about the top 10. You would be able to hear all 30 if you in fact subscribed to Patreon…  it’s only $5 a month you cheap bastards; Caitlyn Jenner runs over people; Matthew Perry looking for real relationship with Courtney Cox; Raven watching a lot of Friends; Hockey announcer fired for saying “You People”; People being products of their time, should they be strung up for just being how they are?  Being overly Woke; Motorola bringing the Razr phone back; Feeney has to have the newest iPhone, Rich is still rollin with the 5S and needs a condom; Quilty made Newser and is everywhere.  Confused about Quilty, listen to last week’s episode; Fan Mail with a Cliffhanger for next week’s episode; the guys learn what Ultimate Surrender is on the Interwebs; and of course, all the usual perversions. Have Raven say things that you want him to say, either for yourself or for someone you want to talk big-game shit to by going to www.cameo.com/ravenprime1 Check out our sponsor, get some great merch and save money! Pro Wrestling Historical Society Check them out www.prowrestlinghistoricalsociety.com/ Spend $50 and get FREE shipping with the Promo Code: Raven

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