Joke stolen from Raven by David Spade Writer

Raven is the victim of joke stealing. A serious crime…  though not quite as serious as arson or rape; Lyft is less rapey than Uber; remembering the greatness that was “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn” that never stole a Raven joke…  hey, what are they too good to steal from Raven? Podcast is number 31 in wrestling podcasts, and that’s without talking about wrestling…   or really much of anything at all; Feeney hasn’t seen the Harry Potter films…   for shame…; a really slapdashed, and I mean seriously half assed, look at the anomalies of the Denver Airport; UFC predictions; Newser; Fan Mail and of course, all the usual perversions. Have Raven parrot what you want him to say by going to New Sponsor for the show!  Pro Wrestling Historical Society Check them out Spend $50 and get FREE shipping with the Promo Code: Raven

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