122. Brett Davis (National Lampoon Radio Hour, The Podcast For Laundry)

This week, Comedian Brett Davis (@brettdavisrip on Twitter) joins Vin Forte (@mightyvin) in the Wrasslerap Arena to discuss working on comedic projects with wrestlers like Virgil & New Jack, how comedy in WWE has been clouded by Vince McMahon, the need for wrestlers to keep evolving and much more! *This episode is sponsored by RetroMania Wrestling! For more info: www.retromaniawrestling.com & follow them on Twitter @RetrosoftStudio We got merch: https://www.wrasslerap.com/shop  Follow us on social media! https://www.twitter.com/mightyvin https://twitter.com/emiliosparks https://www.instagram.com/emiliosparks/ https://twitter.com/WrassleRap

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