The (Howie) Mandela Effect

We discuss wrestling territories and how they seemed to not have many, if any pro sports teams in their cities; Raven says it’s a show; Feeney answers the door for the pizza guy and Rich isn’t murdered, though he forgot to remember the safeword; the Mandela Effect – what is it, did it produce an alternate Rich?  USO tour entertainment, used to be classy with the likes of Stacy Keibler (emphasis on the assy) but now it’s Howie Mandel and the band Train; chick from Charles in Charge got fat, and has balls; the girls of Baywatch; The difference between Hugh Hefner and R. Kelly; Hollywood casting couches and Elvis; If studio wrestling can come back, so can roller derby; so many places for new and retread content; newser; fan mail and of course, all the usual perversions. Check out Raven on to have him record the greeting of your choice.  Check out Tiege Hanley, the uncomplicated skincare system for men!  And use code raveneffect for 10% off 

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