Pure Heart, Pure Lariat – BUSHIROAD Buys STARDOM + Giulia Madness (w/STRIGGA)

This week on Pure Heart, Pure Lariat, Dylan’s Eastern Lariat co-host STRIGGA returns after sensing an all caps lock special, talking about STARDOM and their shocking purchase by BUSHIROAD, NJPW’s parent company. We analyze it from multiple perspectives, have a rousing discussion for what it means for Stardom, potential crossover opportunity with NJPW, the ripple effect on Joshi and future plans already announced for Stardom and any potential changes. We follow it up with an update on Giulia’s situation and especially from a promoter in Italy who has dealt with the fallout. Potential legal troubles for Giulia and Stardom, speculation about why this happened, and Tequila Saya being a treasure to this world. Finally we talk about Sendai Girls’tag tournament, as well as run down Chihiro Hashimoto’s D-King tournament debut in DDT and her lineup of matches. Then Dylan makes a shocking discovery about a public holiday in the US he didn’t even know about. 

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