At What Age Do Farts Stop Being Funny?

Lots of Wrestling to talk about; AEW on TNT Monday nights and a wrestling show every day of the week (almost); Length of wrestling shows should be 90 minutes, Raven calls that the sweet spot; New announce team for Raw shows less focus on the announcing team, though Smackdown is getting love; Eenie, Meanie and Raven predict what the ratings will look like; Raven steers the ship, well kinda; Cobie Smulders – hot and sexy over funny and charismatic – which combo is more important?; Feeney blows a potential Fox sponsorship for the show; Fan Mail; Is Bret Hart Greek? Or Canadian?; Show gets accused of almost sounding professional; Rich still denies being into butt play; Companies and their employee pay; Saturn update and of course, all the usual perversions. Check out Raven on, pay some money and he’ll record whatever you want him to …  birthday greetings, talk shit to your friends, whatever, you get it.

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