The 90’s Project: Top 10 Matches of 1990 (w/Dylan Fox & Fredo Esparza)

This is the culmination of the Patreon exclusive 1990 year of The 90’s Project, a podcast series reflecting on the top 50 matches of every year of the 1990’s until we culminate with an ultimate “All Decade” list for the entire decade. The 90’s were widely considered to be the golden era of nearly every form of wrestling and wrestling company at one point or another. Out of the Patreon hatch and free for all, this episode chronicles and discusses Dylan’s picks for the top 10 matches of the year in 1990, and he’s not alone. Joining him is his good friend, Lucha Talk partner and owner of, Alfredo Esparza (@therealfredo on Twitter). They have a lively conversation about the music scene in 1990 and then suddenly get to wrestling going over matches from CMLL, NWA, Hamada’s UWF, AJW, & of course multiple matches from AJPW, and then also a surprise right before #1 which was Fredo’s To listen to all 4 episodes leading up to the top 10 ranking and discussing #s 50-11 as well as the Observer Awards Show for 1990 finally wrapping up the year with Dylan’s ballot for every award that year which will come next week, then every year of the 90’s in addition to top of the line coverage of modern Japanese wrestling and Joshi, take a second to sign up to a tier ($1,3, or 5) at to support Dylan and STRIGGA in their adventures in wrestling, especially Japan in the past and present.

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