Will there be too much wrestling on Tv with addition of NXT & AEW?

A cliffhanger gets paid off finally..  WWF Radio, which eventually turned out to be the forefather of this podcast; another co-host potentially murdered, first it was Feeney, and now Rich is missing; the show needs a Jeans sponsor because Raven needs jeans; best albums and songs by The Who; Rich finally wakes up, so…   Rich isn’t dead!; the history of competing PPVs – those days are back with AEW and NXT; WWE TV lineup expanding, akin to WCW before it went under; Matches that go too long at PPVs and TV trickery; Update on Rich’s cat, we lost it, it’s on the roof; Fan Mail and of course, all the usual perversions. Check out Tiege Hanley, the uncomplicated skincare system for men! http://www.tiege.com/ravenseptember And use code raveneffect for 10% off 

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