Failed piss test story

Failed Pee Test story: Feeney is back from the dead, though he wasn’t dead, but he used his wife as an excuse for missing last week’s show; Unexpected (and some expected) funny guys in the business; Madness in Philly not caused by Feeney; Raven’s shoulder issues, they’re just toast and how he nearly lost his balls and nuts (but they were found and saved); Rich brings the conspiracy theory talk into the show and Jeffery Epstein is the subject of the theories; who really killed the pedophile rapist? The Clintons or the Saudis?  ESPN trolls everyone who’s ever seen Dodgeball with their own ESPN 8, The Ocho; Helmets and sports, turning kids into wussies, but later in life thinking maybe helmets were a good idea; UFC talk – making predictions for the upcoming but already aired by showtime PPV; and of course, all of the usual perversions. Check out Tiege Hanley, the uncomplicated skincare system for men! And use code raveneffect for 10% off 

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