The Return of the Busby! (to be sung to the tune, Return of the Mack)

Busby returns! And for more than just a run-in. He stops by for 95% of the show…  y’know, frankly speaking.. 80% would’ve been more than enuf.. even 70%, but no, he stayed for almost the whole show…  but he couldn’t have stayed for 5 more minutes? Oh, he’s such a bastard, an adorable bastard, but a bast.. I digress.. Busby brings an army of Hep Snaps, an unprepared, Upset Vince Russo bit, and all the dickishness you’ve come to expect from this showbiz great…   ummm, showbiz great may be pushing it..  how bout showbiz good or mediocre..  or..  maybe showbiz hack..   showbiz whore..  showbiz old lady in the foyer f&@ker? How bout just.. showbiz cisgender neutral, person type individual, and malcontented, corpulent, clown! Who am I kidding, it was awesome having him back! So run and tell all your friends, it’s the Return of the Busby… Plus some but not all of your usual perversions… Check out The Raven Effect sponsor Tiege Hanley, the uncomplicated skincare system for men! URL: Coupon: RAVENJULY for 20% off!

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